Created in 1989, FFEU is the national address for Black-Jewish Relations and is proud to have become the international address in Muslim-Jewish relations. From our grassroots, Season of Twinning and Muslim-Jewish solidarity committees throughout North America and Europe, to our executive-level advocacy we work both to promote conversation, reconciliation and cooperation amongst Muslim and Jewish communities worldwide as well as to band together to fight Islamophobia and Anti-Semitism. Check out our 2016 brochure here!








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#MuslimsAreSpeakingOut is a campaign aimed at showing the larger public that Muslims are denouncing extremism, fanaticism and terrorism, and thereby empowering Muslims and non-Muslims alike to speak out against terrorism and raise their voice loudly to continue their fight against extremists, and misconceptions about their culture and religion.

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FFEU promotes its mission of racial and religious conversation, cooperation, and reconciliation through working with international leaders. In meeting with policy makers, we stand up against Islamophobia and Anti-Semitism and expand our message across borders and bring Muslim-Jewish dialogue to another level.


  • Season of Twinning

The Season of Twinning is an annual event usually held every November and December spearheaded by the Foundation for Ethnic Understanding during which, thousands of Muslims and Jews link up in scores of cities in more than 30 countries around the world to hold joint events. Mosques and synagogues, Muslim and Jewish student groups, young leadership bodies and women’s organizations ‘twin’ with each other in cities around the world and hold encounters focused on celebrating commonalities in our two faith traditions, standing together against Islamophobia and anti-Semitism and performing acts of social service together in recognition of the common moral imperative in both Islam and Judaism to help those most in need. FFEU helps to coordinate and facilitate many of these events. Participation in the Season of Twinning allows grass roots Jews and Muslims around the world to meet, learn from each other and to form personal friendships. Join the movement and contact us to find out more about events in your city or for assistance in organizing your own Twinning event!

See our leaflet for more information... Read more about 2016 Season of Twinning on FFEU twinning blog.

The Season of Twinning 2015 --- FFEU's 8th Annual Global Season of Twinning was held under the title "We Refuse To Be Enemies" from October 2015 to February 2016. Read more about the 2015 edition of the Season of Twinning 

  • European Muslim-Jewish Program

In 2009, the FFEU brought a mission of European Muslim and Jewish leaders to Washington D.C. to plant the seeds of a meaningful European Muslim-Jewish body. We then held conferences in Brussels (2010) and Paris (2012) to serve as a permanent year-round structure dedicated to strengthening Muslim-Jewish relations and protesting for the rights of both communities in countries across Europe. In 2013, as European Islamophobia and Anti-Semitism grew, FFEU brought on Samia Hathroubi as the European Muslim-Jewish Program Director. Samia and FFEU's Gathering of European Muslim and Jewish Leaders (GEMJL) have since worked on issue areas such as the Council of Europe's proposed ban on circumcision and Denmark's prohibition of kosher/halal slaughter, as well as, stood together after terror attacks. GEMJL is the platform for Muslim and Jewish leaders across Europe to communicate with one another to build bridges between their different communities and to work together for the rights and freedoms of all Europeans. GEMJL's Rapid Response Committee also provides space for GEMJL members to come together and respond immediately to crises.

FFEU works with many European partners (CEJI, ENAR, European MPs European,  European Muslim and Jewish leaders, Faith Network 4 Manchester, Muslim-Jewish forum of Greater Manchester, Ms Katharina von Schnurbein and Mr David Friggieri, the European Commission Co-ordinators on Combating Antisemitism and Anti-Muslim hatred...) and organize, facilitate, support events and initiatives to strengthen Muslim Jewish relations in Europe. 


  • Solidarity Committees

The Muslim-Jewish Solidarity Committees (MJSC) build on the inspiring success of the Weekend of Twinning in order to strengthen Muslim-Jewish communication in communities across North America on a year-round basis. The Solidarity Committees serve as umbrella bodies for Muslim-Jewish relations in their metropolitan areas, with the task of coordinating and publicizing the work of local Muslim-Jewish groups. While the MJSC's are initaited by FFEU, these committees are locally organized; most of the committees will have three focus areas:

*Standing Up for Each Other (Muslims and Jews taking joint public stands against hate crimes, incitement or discrimination directed at either community)















Founded in 1989 to transform rising tensions between Black and Jewish communities in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, the Foundation for Ethnic Understanding (FFEU) works to restore the historic alliance between African and Jewish Americans, an alliance which had reached its strongest point during the American Civil Rights Movement. Cofounded by Rabbi Marc Schneier and Joseph Papp, a leader in colorblind casting, the FFEU stands against racism and honors a pioneer in diversity every year with the Joseph Papp Racial Harmony Award. The Foundation organizes activities and spearheads initiatives that improve Black-Jewish relations such as promoting MLK programs in Jewish Schools and synagogues throughout New York, fighting Anti-Semitism with campaigns: "Say No to K.O." , and social events targeted for students.


The Foundation for Ethnic Understanding is currently working on strengthening cooperation between Latinos and Jews to help address common problems and issues affecting both communities. To spearhead such effort, FFEU has commissioned a poll in 2011 to determine the relationship between Latinos and Jews and the prescriptions necessary to strengthen their bond. The landmark survey emphasized the need for both communities to work together to fight discrimination and to advocate for social justice domestically and internationally. Also, it provided a roadmap for Latinos and Jews to address areas of mutual concern and to foster greater cooperation in the future.

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