Muslims Are Speaking Out Videos

UK Muslim Medical Professionals Save Victims of Terror in London 2017. #MuslimsAreSpeakingOut

Qaisra Shahraz, Co-chair of Faith Network 4 Manchester. #StandingUpForOneAnother #MuslimsAreSpeakingOut

#MuslimsAreSpeakingOut PSA unveiled by FFEU in support of American-Muslims.


"Extremism must be defeated by our involvement in the community." - Congressman André Carson #‎getinvolved‬

"But what we also realize is that it's not just a matter of speaking out but it's those bonds and relationship building that actually changes perceptions... So its that relationship building that's what's going to make a bigger difference" - Fatima Salman ‪

Iraqi Muslims rebuild Church destroyed by ISIS. #MuslimsAreSpeakingOut


Muslims Are Speaking Out on the May 22nd, 2017 attack in Manchester Arena, UK. #MuslimsAreSpeakingOut

Daisy Khan, Executive Director of the Women's Islamic Initiative for Spirituality and Equality, speaking out about changing the narrative for Muslims in America.

"Literally millions of faithful Muslims everyday are caught between some extremist maniac who hates Muslims and some extremist mania who is a hating Muslim." - Rep. Keith Ellison

American Imams like Imam Muhammad Musri and Imam Mohamed Hag Magid are fighting extremism and are working to empower Muslim youth as prospect and asset to the country. ‪#‎MASO‬ The American Muslim March on Washington American Islam All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS) Share. Like. Speak Out.

Imam Shamsi Ali speaks at the Jamaica Muslim Center. 



Ambassador Omar Saif Ghobash inspires Muslim youth to stand up against extremism. #MuslimsAreSpeakingOut | #1

Dean Obeidallah believes that Muslims are speaking out and he is doing so through his comedy.

Imam Shamsi Ali speaking at the Jamaican Muslim Center: "There is no but..."

"I hope I am judged by the way I carry myself (...) and not by the violent acts of a few across the world." Rabiah Ahmed, Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC)'s Communications Director.