UK Women and students taking part in twinning events in Manchester!

On November 23, our partner Faith Network 4 Manchester organized an amazing school interfaith Twinning event between King David Jewish School and Manchester Islamic High School for Girls' Bowling event' at Trafford Park Centre.


Our Partner Faith Network 4 Manchester organized a Muslim and Jewish Women interfaith Twinning event on November 16th at the Gatley Yeshurun Synagogue, Cheshire. The Oldham ‘CHAI women project, led by Najma Khalid with a group of Pakistani Muslim women, visited a Synagogue in Gatley in Cheshire. They were hosted by Marilyn Berg and other Jewish women from Cheadle and Gatley.

June who was in attendance expressed, “I felt our meeting with the ladies from Oldham was very memorable. It was as though we met as strangers and parted as family!”

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