Rabbi Schneier rallies to the defense of Congressman Keith Ellison

FFEU President Rabbi Schneier denounces the smear campaign falsely claiming that Rep. Keith Ellison is anti-Semitic. This is an important example of how FFEU is committed at this critical moment to standing up for the American Muslim Community when they are wrongly demonized and stigmatized.    

Interviewed by the JTA and the Jewish Week, Rabbi Marc Schneier said: “Keith Ellison understands that people who fight for their own rights are only as honorable as when they fight for the rights of all people”.

“For anyone to attack or vilify him as anti-Israel or anti-Semitic is outrageous,”

Rep. Ellison has worked with the Foundation for Ethnic Understanding in garnering the support of other Muslim leaders to press Hamas leaders to free captured Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit and more recently, to return the remains of two Israeli soldiers killed in the last Gaza War.

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