UK Women and students taking part in twinning events in Manchester!

On November 23, our partner Faith Network 4 Manchester organized an amazing school interfaith Twinning event between King David Jewish School and Manchester Islamic High School for Girls' Bowling event' at Trafford Park Centre.


Our Partner Faith Network 4 Manchester organized a Muslim and Jewish Women interfaith Twinning event on November 16th at the Gatley Yeshurun Synagogue, Cheshire. The Oldham ‘CHAI women project, led by Najma Khalid with a group of Pakistani Muslim women, visited a Synagogue in Gatley in Cheshire. They were hosted by Marilyn Berg and other Jewish women from Cheadle and Gatley.

June who was in attendance expressed, “I felt our meeting with the ladies from Oldham was very memorable. It was as though we met as strangers and parted as family!”

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Rabbi Schneier rallies to the defense of Congressman Keith Ellison

FFEU President Rabbi Schneier denounces the smear campaign falsely claiming that Rep. Keith Ellison is anti-Semitic. This is an important example of how FFEU is committed at this critical moment to standing up for the American Muslim Community when they are wrongly demonized and stigmatized.    

Interviewed by the JTA and the Jewish Week, Rabbi Marc Schneier said: “Keith Ellison understands that people who fight for their own rights are only as honorable as when they fight for the rights of all people”.

“For anyone to attack or vilify him as anti-Israel or anti-Semitic is outrageous,”

Rep. Ellison has worked with the Foundation for Ethnic Understanding in garnering the support of other Muslim leaders to press Hamas leaders to free captured Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit and more recently, to return the remains of two Israeli soldiers killed in the last Gaza War.

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FFEU coordinates #IAMAMERICA rally in Michigan

Muslim-Jewish program Director Walter Ruby spoke on the theme of "Standing Up For Each Other In Challenging Times" at an #IAmAmerica event at the Bharatiya Hindu Temple in Troy, MI on Sunday November 20 co-sponsored by the Detroit Interfaith Outreach Network and the Greater Detroit Muslim-Jewish Solidarity Council. The event, also part of FFEU's Season of Twinning was attended by around 100 people.

Ruby spoke of the importance of #IAmAmerica rallies in cities around the country that day in affirming, in the face of escalating hate crimes across the country in recent days, directed against Muslims, Jews, immigrants and others, that people of diverse faith and ethnic communities are full partners in ensuring the success of America.

#IAmAmerica is a nationwide initiative co-sponsored by the Muslim Public Affairs Council - MPAC and national Muslim organizations, Shoulder-to-Shoulder, PICO National Network (People Improving Communities Through Organizing), The Foundation For Ethnic Understanding and Church World Service.

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In moving Election eve event, USC Students of diverse faith pray for healing and kindness in America

The evening of prayer and reflection, which was co-sponsored by the USC Interfaith Council, USC Office of Religious Life and the Foundation for Ethnic Understanding, featured student speakers representing USC Hillel, Muslim Student Union, Catholic Center, Church of Latter Day Saints Student Association, Crusaders for Christ, Secular Student Fellowship, the Sikh Student Association, as Hindu and Buddhist student groups. Students of all backgrounds lit candles and hugged each other as they evoked their varied faith traditions in praying for an America that will be compassionate and open to people of all faith and ethnic backgrounds.

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Twinning event in Dallas Area

A coalition of Christian, Jewish and Muslim leaders came together at the Islamic Center of Frisco on November 2 as part of the Season of Twinning to declare: We will Stand Up for Each Other and affirm our commitment to religious freedom for all faiths no matter the result of the election on November 8’.

The inspiring event co-sponsored by FFEU, the Shoulder to Shoulder Campaign and the Islamic Society of North America as part of the Season of Twinning also featured the participation of civic leaders and top police officials from Frisco, a vibrant, fast-growing and multi-ethnic community of 158,000 20 miles northwest of Dallas.

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NYC Twinning at the Brotherhood Synagogue

Scores of Muslim and Jewish New Yorkers came together at Brotherhood Synagogue in Manhattan on Sunday October 30 to prepare food for hungry seniors under the auspices of FFEU, Muslims Against Hunger, the NYC Muslim-Jewish Solidarity Committee and the Brotherhood Synagogue as part of the 2016 Season of Twinning.

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Twinning Event at Rutgers University

Rutgers Muslim, Jewish and Catholic students at Rutgers University came together with a wide assortment of faith leaders and elected and state officials from across New Jersey at a Stand Up for The Other rally at Rutgers University on the evening of November 1. The event, co-sponsored by FFEU with the New Jersey Interfaith Coalition and other groups, was a kickoff event for the 2016 Season of Twinning and featured student leaders and officials vowing to Stand Up for The Other if members of any faith or ethnic community come under attack. The participants signed a Stand Up for The Other pledge, written by Dr. Ali Chaudry, founder of the New Jersey Interfaith Coalition.

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Spread Hummus Not Hate Twinning Event in Washington

The third-annual Spread Hummus not Hate tour, co-organized by FFEU Muslim-Jewish Program Director Walter Ruby brought together leading members of the Muslim and Jewish communities of Greater Washington in an effort to bridge the divide that has emerged between these two communities globally. The tour made a number of stops around the Washington region, including at the University of Maryland, Farragut Square and a number of synagogues and mosques, spreading its hopeful message far and wide.

The Spread Hummus Not Hate minivan tour around Greater Washington culminated in a rally which drew more than 200 Muslim and Jewish students and community activists to a late afternoon rally on the Quad at American University where they vowed to stand up for each other and in support of religious freedom for all Americans.

We thank the Greater Washington Muslim-Jewish Forum, leaders of AU Hillel, the Jewish Student Association, the AU Islam Awareness Campaign, and the Muslim Student Association for their partnership!

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See the below itinerary of the Oct 20th SHNH Minivan tour:
8:30 AM   The Muslim Community Center, Silver Spring, MD
10:15 AM   The University of Maryland, College Park, MD
11:30 AM   Masjid Muhammad, Washington, DC
12:45 PM   Farragut Square Park, Washington, DC
2:00 PM   Temple Shalom, Chevy Chase, MD
3:15 PM   Washington Hebrew Congregation, Washington, DC
4:30 PM   American University, Rally on the Quad, Washington DC


FFEU's #OurChildrenNow fundraising campaign benefits the children of Crimean Tatars

Children of Crimean Tatar Political Prisoners enjoy festive Kurban Bayram (Eid Al-Adha) holiday celebration thanks to support from FFEU's #OurChildrenNow fund-raising campaign

Thanks to generosity of donors who gave more than $6000 to FFEU’s #OurChildrenNow fund raising campaign on behalf of nearly 100 children of Crimean Tatar political prisoners on the crowd sourcing site, the Crimean Tatar community was able to hold a joyous Kurban Bayram celebration  in the ancient Crimean Tatar capital city of Bakchisserai for the wives and children of political prisoners being held in prison in administrative detention by Russian authorities or sentenced to lengthy jail sentences on trumped up charges.

The festive event, held at the Guzel Café, was the first happy, stress free occasions many of the children had experienced since their fathers were arrested; with gifts, games, a workshop in making clay objects and entertainment by clowns and a dance ensemble.  In addition, the children of the political prisoners, who were deprived of the of the only breadwinner capable to provide adequately for them. are now receiving food, clothing and school supplies on a regular basis thanks to the #OurChildrenNow campaign.

According to Lillia Budjurova organizer of the event, “All of us in the Crimean Tatar community want to thank with our whole hearts those who are helping our children and who made it possible to organize this beautiful celebration, which raised the morale of the entire Crimean Tatar community.” A mother of one of the children said tearfully, “I have never seen our children so happy and carefree. I only wish their fathers could be with all of us and be part of this holiday.” Said another, “it feels so good to know that we have not been forgotten by the world.”  (video in Russian)